• History and Background

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  • The Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce was started in 2011 and provides Business Education, Marketing and Networking opportunities and programming to businesses along the Fox River in the far western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

    Why started?

    1. No true regional chambers going across multiple towns.
      1. Most companies do business across a region.
      2. More efficient to join a regional chamber than every local chamber.
    2. Established chambers had too much history and old closed off alliances or clicks.
      1. Open and positive relationships.
      2. Bridge building across other organizations.
    3. Established chambers more focused on Tourism, Legislation or developing a specific geographic area.
      1. Fox Valley solely focused on serving our members across a region.
    4. Some other chambers have limited, if any, focus on assisting small to medium sized businesses.
      1. Fox Valley focused on businesses doing business within or from the Fox Valley.
    5. To create a Group that is solely focused on businesses and helping them become more connected, successful and profitable.


    Currently we have 160 Members across service, construction, retail, advisory and manufacturing industries.

    Regional Chamber - We cover the following 5 towns.

    1. St Charles
    2. Geneva
    3. Batavia
    4. North Aurora
    5. Aurora
    6. A few of our members are in Elgin, West Chicago, Naperville, Elburn and Oswego.


    The Fox Valley Chamber is an All Volunteer organization, not-for-profit.

    Why good?

    • No paid staff with low overhead. Our focus on delivering member and business community value not covering expenses.
    • Member driven organization. Our members are the leaders and drive the direction and value proposition.
      • Administrative run organizations, while can be excellent administrators, do not have the same perspective as an entrepreneur.


    Board of Directors

    1) Bill Germanetti, iMPACT Business Coaching – Chairman/Executive Director

    2) Stephan Perrault, Wellspring Creative

    3) Bret Shannon, Morton Private Wealth Strategies

    4)/5) Jim and Cindy Cannella, Orange Home Services

    6) Rachel Palmer, Koru HR Consulting



    Membership and Engagement Committee - Chairman, Paul Wurster, New York Life

    Events and Programming Committee

    Education Committee - Rachel Palmer, Koru HR Consulting, Tiza Pyle, Pyle Consulting, Bill Germanetti, iMPACT Business Coaching

    Co-Marketing Committee

    Finance Committee

    Attraction, Recruitment and Retention Committee - Jaime Zavala, Country Financial, Jim Cannella, Orange Home Services

    Young Professionals Group - Co-Chairs, Rachel Palmer and Bret Shannon


    Fox Valley Chamber Founders

    Dave and Carrie Berrens of Dynamic Sales Innovations first formed the idea in 2010/2011.  They formally established the Chamber in late 2011 and made their first 100 members in less than 6 months. They are not currently active in the Chamber having transitioned leadership in 2015 and 2016.


    Who do We Serve?

    1. The Chamber currently is made up of 4 major types
      1. Solopreneurs or 1 person companies.
        1. MLM distributors.
        2. Independent sales representatives.
        3. New businesses just starting out.
        4. Opportunities to Benefit from Chamber
          1. Gain experience in networking.
          2. Gain knowledge from other business owners.
          3. Clarify and test their business model from local owners.
      2. Business Professionals
        1. 1 person consultants to large firms.
        2. Business to Business.
          1. Bankers, Insurance, Investment, Consultants, Marketing, Commercial Realtors, Business Attorneys.
        3. Business to Consumer.
          1. Bankers, Insurance, Investment, Life and Health Coaches, Residential Realtors, Family Attorneys, Real Estate Attorneys, Chiropractors, Dentists.
      3. Small Business – Less than 10 employees
        1. Trade services companies
        2. Not for profits
        3. Creative companies
        4. Marketing, video, social media
        5. IT Consulting
        6. Retail
        7. Medical
        8. Fitness
        9. Opportunities to Benefit from the Chamber
          1. Making new and reinforce Strategic Partner relationships.
          2. Making new and reinforce Referral Partner relationships.
          3. Business education to help at your current size and provide platform to grow and transition to the next level.
          4. Generating business between members and through warm referrals.
          5. Marketing and SEO.
          6. Networking and Leads groups.
      4. Medium Business – More than 20 and up to 500 employees
        1. Larger and more established Not for Profits
          1. Paid staff more than 10
        2. B2B
        3. B2C
        4. Service Companies and Manufacturers
        5. Hospitals and Corporate Companies
        6. Opportunities to Benefit from the Chamber
          1. Providing mentorship to smaller and less experienced business leaders.
          2. Receiving mentorship for senior staff or young professionals.
          3. Branding, PR and Marketing.
          4. Partnering for a stronger business community.
          5. Partnering for a stronger employee base.