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  • Co-Marketing Committee:

    Mission: Market for the Chamber, Market for Members, Enhance and Facilitate Co-Marketing Opportunities among Members

    Chair: Rachel Palmer, Koru HR Consulting


    Bill Germanetti, iMPACT Business Coaching
    Jaime Zavala, Country Financial

    Contributing Members:

    Clara Carrier, Breaking Through Consulting


    Stephan Perrault, Wellspring Creative

    Last Update:

    Special from Founding Member David Pollack, Signarama via eblast, FB.

    Member special from 25 N Coworking

    Responsibilities and Oversight:

     - Membership Marketing Tools
     - Sponsorship
     - Website
     - Facebook
     - Linkedin
     - Twitter
     - Advertising
     - Blog Wars
     - FOXCasts
     - What does the Fox Say?
     - Voices Project

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  • Member Engagement Committee:

    Mission: Champion the voices of members to enhance Member value and program innovation, facilitate welcoming of new members, monitor existing member engagement, assist in manning event and welcoming visitors, market for the Chamber in the Fox Valley Business Community

    Chair: Paul Wurster, New York Life Financial


    Stephan Perrault, Wellspring Creative
    Ivette Bolender, Juice Plus
    Jim Garncarz, AFLAC
    Dennis Allen, Advanced Windows and Siding

    Contributing Members



    Bill Germanetti, iMPACT Business Coaching

    Last Update:

    December 2018 Member Orientation

    Responsibilities and Oversight:

     - New Member Orientation
     - Networking
     - Leads Groups
     - Membership Value
     - Mentorship
     - Ambassadors Group

    Join the Team at membership@foxvalleychamber.org

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